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Some of our favorite photographers share their advice for a fabulous wedding day.

“ What makes the best wedding photos? Love, effort, vision and magic. ”

Tracy Battaglia

Fully Alive Photography

Be in love! Gaze into each other’s eyes, even when everyone is looking.

Put effort and organization into your day beforehand. It’s well-worth the time and energy. In this, you will create space for your photographer to focus on capturing it all.

Trust you did everything to your best ability, and on your wedding day, just be free. Truly be present.

Incorporate colors, details and landscapes that make you come alive.

Allow the magic of this sacred day to unfold naturally and know your photographers will capture it all. This day is a fleeting moment, but the images will last you a lifetime.

Ben and Kelly Koller

Ben & Kelly Photography

The best wedding photos are the most authentic ones—the ones that capture real moments throughout the day. The ones that bring them back to the wedding day and evoke that emotion all over again: how it felt when Dad hugged her after seeing her in her dress for the first time, or the one where Mom started crying when dancing with the groom.

Be yourself and let the day unfold as organically as possible.

Don’t make your wedding day all about the photos. Let your photos be all about the moments of the wedding day.

Relax, enjoy the day and trust the photographer and planner to do the rest.

Remember what the day is all about: the love.

“ The tears, the smiles, the love . . . the moment wasn’t posed, yet it was more perfect than any posed portrait we could’ve taken that day. ”

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson Photography

Let the photographer be the creative—hopefully that’s why you hired them.

Suggestions are helpful, but re-creating shots that you have seen or telling the photographer where you want the shots done hardly ever turns out as fantastically as if you trust your photographer.

Like who you hire. A photographer (and any vendor) will work 10 times harder when there’s chemistry. This is true for all businesses.

You do not want you and your guests photographed while you are eating—that’s not the shot you are looking for!

Feed your photographers and videographers. They have typically been working since you started getting ready, and they do not have the opportunity to hide behind something to refuel. A good time is when you start to eat—when the tables are being cleared, they have to be back to work.

“ Stay relaxed. Imagine yourself not knowing the photographer is there—you will always get the most flattering photos. ”

Stuart Thurlkill

Eyes 2 See

If you want to have amazing photographs make sure to book an engagement session. By having a trial run you are more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

The light matters so much to photography. Choose your location for preparation; your wedding and reception based on the quality and feeling of the light.

Warm smiles come from a full heart and intimate words.

Share with all your guests how your heart is feeling.

Gratitude! Have a heart of gratitude. For the best wedding, express it in words to those closest to you!

“ Best weddings: great light, warm smiles, intimate words. ”

Christina DePoy

DePoy Studios

Hire your wedding photographer ASAP and get to work on your timeline before your wedding invitations go out.

No matter what happens on your wedding day—the cake does not show up, your dress does not fit, you have to kick a groomsman out at the last minute for being too drunk, or the DJ is super late—just remember that you are there to celebrate your love for one another, with the people who love you the most.

Hiring a photographer with wedding experience is a must—someone who understands lighting, posing and the art of photography.

Friends, family and the love you have for each other is what makes your wedding day magical and memorable, hands down!

Cherish those moments and let the rest fade away.

“ A pro will give you enough time with the most amazing light to capture your dream wedding photos. ”

photographer: Fully Alive Photography

photographer: Ben & Kelly Photography

photographer: Christine Johnson Photography

photographer: Eyes 2 See

photographer: DePoy Studios

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