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Adventure on Location

Come up with a wild idea and your photographer just might be up for taking to the road for some incredible post-wedding shots.

Photographed by: Ben & Kelly

For Emily and Matt Leek, married April 16, 2016 at Hotel Valley Ho, the idea of a “trash the dress” shoot matched up with their longtime goal of hiking to Havasu Falls, deep in the Grand Canyon. How cool would it be to do a honeymoon photo shoot in the blue-green waters only seen by the Havasupai people and hikers who are willing to plan in advance, secure permits and travel nearly 10 miles by horseback or on foot?

When the couple met with their photographers, it was decided they would all make the trip and turn this into the photo shoot of a lifetime. With four friends and their photographers in tow, they navigated the skinny road up to the trailhead. “It’s one of the most remote places I’ve ever seen,” says Emily, noting that anyone else who attempts this journey should watch out for the antelope that flew across the path mere inches from the nose of their truck.

Lugging gear and wedding attire down to the falls was a feat in itself, “but totally worth it,” says Matt. While the group of eight camped out, they cooked, drank wine and played games. They spent two days hiking to the different falls and fully enjoying the dramatic scenery, and took one entire afternoon for the photo shoot. “We started off just walking and ended up swimming,” says Matt. “We were even randomly blessed by an elderly local man who played his drum and sang for us as we cuddled up in the water.”

When all was said and done, Emily and Matt had a collection of priceless photographs, and Emily was down one wedding dress. After the shoot, it weighed about 30 pounds more than it had beforehand, and a local girl was happy to take it off their hands.

“It was a trip none of us will ever forget,” says Emily.

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