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Everyone wants great wedding photos, and with the right photographer, it’s a done deal. Capturing the emotion, the fun, the details and the love—it’s all in a day’s work. Here, we share some insight from a few of our favorite photographers.

Christina DePoy

DePoy Studios

Friends, family and the love you have for each other is what makes your wedding day magical and memorable, says Christina. To help you focus on this rather than the camera, she insists that hiring a photographer with wedding experience is a must. “Someone who understands lighting, posing and the art of photography,” she says. She recommends you hire early, and get to work on a timeline before you wedding invitations even go out. When the day comes, “just remember that you are there to celebrate your love for one another, with the people who love you the most,” she says.

“ Cherish these moments and let the rest fade away. ”

Ben and Kelly Koller

Ben & Kelly Photography

It might sound counterintuitive coming from photographers, but Ben and Kelly urge couples not to make their wedding day all about the photos. “Let your photos be all about the moments of the wedding day,” says Ben. He and Kelly say that the best wedding photos are the most authentic ones—the ones that capture real moments, that later will bring them back to the wedding day and evoke that emotion all over again. Like when Dad hugged the bride when he saw her in her gown for the first time. Or Mom started crying while dancing with the groom. “Be yourself and let the day unfold as organically as possible.”

“ Remember what the day is all about: the love. ”

Stuart Thurlkill

Eyes 2 See

“Have a heart of gratitude,” says Stuart, who points out that the best weddings involve warm smiles and intimate words—and great light. The lighting matters so much to photography, he says, that he suggests you choose your location with the quality and feeling of the light in mind. Stuart also believes in preparation. “If you want to have amazing photographs, book an engagement session,” he says, adding that the trial run will help you feel more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

“ Share with all your guests how your heart is feeling. ”

Tracy Battaglia

Fully Alive Photography

For Tracy, it’s all about the magic of the day. “Allow the magic of this sacred day to unfold naturally and know your photographers will capture it all,” she says, with a reminder that the images will last a lifetime. She also advises putting effort into organizing your day beforehand so that when the day comes, you can trust you did it all to your best ability and simply be truly present. “It’s well worth the time and energy beforehand,” she says, recommending that you pay special attention to incorporating colors, details and landscapes to make the setting come alive.

“ Be in love! Gaze into each other’s eyes, even when everyone is looking. ”

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