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The Man’s Man:
Whether you call it a Bachelor Party, Male Bonding or Hangin’ with the Guys, there is a definite rite of passage when a man prepares to take on the role of husband. Traditions in this regard have been around for literally centuries.

Saying goodbye to bachelorhood and honoring your closest friendships? A best man can really score points with a trip to spring training, an afternoon of racing or a similarly adventurous outing that involves more humor than rumor.

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Although the typical pre-wedding guys’ gathering–in whatever form it is expressed–is a ‘goodbye’ to bachelorhood, it’s not a farewell to these lifelong friendships. You’ll find your friendships endure as your marriage matures.

Rowdy events are best staged the weekend before the wedding rather than the night before! The morning of the wedding is an ideal time to host a “Grooming the Groom” event, where the men have their own pre-party, guy style. Getting a shave and enjoying a fine cigar can take the edge off last-minute jitters.

Saying “thank you” to a guy’s closest pals can be done with taste and verve. Groomsmen appreciate gifts that fit their own style—and the things that have brought them together in the first place.

The Adventurer:
Around Scottsdale, baseball could easily vie with golf for most-popular sport. Baseball cufflinks are a clever take on our national pastime and make a cool accessory for the wedding day.

Just as bachelor parties are not one-size-fits-all, so it goes with formalwear. A man needs to feel his best, and the greatest way to exude confidence on his wedding day is by allowing him to select wedding attire that fits his style.

While a sophisticated man will always feel handsome in a black tuxedo, others are going to seek something that portrays their own style—perhaps a chevron-print bow tie, a cravat, or a pop of bright green to set a man apart.

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