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Grooming the Groom

The groom will want to look extra special for his bride-to-be and the wedding photographs and a little extra time spent grooming will go a long way toward achieving his wedding-day look. Here are some of our favorite tips for helping the groom look his best for the wedding.

Today’s men do a little more for themselves than their fathers did, and it shows. A little moisturizer, some sunscreen and a good shave can make a man feel like he’s ready to face the world. Beginning a week or two before the wedding, invest in a fresh haircut. Depending on your style, stop in for a clean-up trim the day before the wedding. You’ll be glad you did.

On “the Big Day,” a guy should be able to sit back and relax while someone else does the work. One of the best things we’ve seen for men on the wedding day (aside from showing up to the ceremony on time and bringing the ring) is to take the time to treat yourself to a professional shave. At V’s Barbershop, Saturdays are reserved for the groom and his guys and they make a truly memorable experience out of getting ready for the wedding.

A hot lather shave is a specialty at upscale barber shops. This is an indulgence a guy could really get used to. Jim Valenzuela, owner and founder of V’s Barbershop, explains the process: “First we lay the patron down in one of our real barber chairs. Then a barber applies the first of many hot towels to the patron’s face. the heat and moisture of the towel opens up the pores and preps the skin to be shaved.” An application of pre-shave creme makes the facial hair softer and more pliable. Add hot lather shave cream and then the barber shaves the face using a pristine straight edge razor. There is nothing like the closeness of a shave performed this way.

Says Valenzuela, “When the shave is completed, we apply another hot towel to remove any gel or lather and then we immediately follow this with a cold towel to close the patron’s pores. ┬áThe last step is applying a high quality moisturizer.”

Some of our favorite products for men are moisturizers and sunscreens that can dramatically slow down the aging process and make his face ever-so soft for his new bride. The K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer by DermaQuest Skin Therapy is a wonderful go-to product for keeping the skin supple and protected against free radical damage.

Post-shave products have definitely grown up from your dad’s (or grandpa’s) ‘after shave’. Now, instead of using an alcohol-based astringent with a dose of fragrance, men are treating their skin a bit more kindly. With an eye toward moisture balance and anti-aging properties, we recommend emerginC’s Post-Shave Reinforcer. Soothing aloe vera and sweet almond oil impart that softness you want, while arnica improves circulation. Lightweight and fresh, we recommend using it every day, not just on the “big day.”

A personalized shave for all the men in the wedding party is a wonderful way to mark the wedding day. Complimentary cigars are provided for the bridal party at V’s, and of course you can be sure there will be some barbershop banter to keep the mood light. For even more relaxation, a facial and scalp massage can be added to the experience.

“Many of the grooms that visit us on their wedding day have never had the relaxing experience of a barbershop shave. This makes for a memory that stands out on an important day and it is even better when he can share the experience with his closest friends.”

When the shave and pampering are complete, a man can step confidently into a new stage of his life, looking and feeling his best.

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