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It's in the Bag

Bag Notes: Photographed at Desert Botanical Garden by Sedona Bride. Bag hand-stenciled by Victoria Canada Weddings & Events, bag tag by The Event Essentials.

Event Stylist Victoria Canada
shows off several ways to “wow” your wedding guests before they even arrive at the ceremony. “Brides are coming to realize that the ambiance of their wedding can begin the moment the guests check into their hotel,” says Canada.

Young and Hip:
This set of goodies was designed with fun in mind. Notice the smart and helpful ‘pub crawl’ map created by Victoria Canada Weddings & Events, and produced by The Event Essentials. Super cute!

A clever hangover kit includes Bloody Mary fixin’s (personal size vodka, V-8 and a mini bottle of Tabasco) as well as the requisite morning-after Advil and sunglasses. Flip flops and snacks are the finishing touch.

Packaging matters!
Whether you choose this ‘very swanky’ gable box above, designed by The Event Essentials, or the convenient stackable, but infinitely personalizable, box designed by Page & Mason, remember to consider that your hotel team will need to store and deliver the goodies.

Bag Notes:
Photographed at the ever-hip Hotel Valley Ho by equally hip Sedona Bride Photographers. Paper Products on top bag: The Event Essentials. Paper Products on second bag and Hangover Kit: Page & Mason. Stylist: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events.

Bag Notes: Photographed by Sedona Bride at Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort & Suites. Set Stylist: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events. Paper Products: The Event Essentials.

First Impressions: Canada tells us to expect a charge for delivery of your welcome bags. It’s not a huge expense, but the hotels and resorts can’t do this big task for free. The look on your guests’ faces when they check in to their rooms and receive a special gift from the bride and groom will be positively priceless, however.

Bag Notes: Photographed by Sedona Bride at Desert Botanical Garden. Bag and contents by Page & Mason. Set stylist: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events.

Welcome to Arizona!
What better way to show off what we love about our desert state than a collection of goodies that are distinctively desert - Of course we love our hot sauce and margaritas. Gathered up in a festive sombrero with a cello wrap, these Southwest favorites are sure to please. Depending on your team, toss in some mementos from your alma mater for a spirited welcome.

Budget Friendly, “Stylish, Not Spendy”
Regardless of your style and the personal imprint you put on welcome bags for your guests, Canada suggests these must-have items:

  • Maps! Make sure your guests can get from point A to point B without any second guessing.
  • Wedding Itinerary. Many travelers have long misplaced the original wedding invitation. Including an itinerary with dates and times of your ceremony, reception, and any other events, will be a huge help to your guests and will minimize last-minute SOS calls.
  • A personal note. Even if it's “thanks for coming!” include a hand written note from the bride and groom. It makes everyone feel that their attendance at the wedding is special.

is quick and easy and it takes this kraft bag from plain to personalized in no time flat. Maps and visitors' guides can typically be picked up locally for free—check with your city visitors and convention bureaus. Top it off with water and snacks that can be purchased at a warehouse store and you have a great budget gift bag.

Bag Notes:
Photographed by Sedona Bride at Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort & Suites. Stylist: Victoria Canada Weddings & Events. Paper products: The Event Essentials.

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