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Behind the Scenes at the Phoenix Bride & Groom Photoshoot

More About The Cover

The Wrigley Mansion

Hollye Schumacher Photography

Set Design:
Victoria Canada Weddings & Events
Assisted by: Lindley Carlin and Kelly Gill

Petal Pusher

Destiny’s Bride

Makeup Artist:
Corinna Cooke

Hair Styling:
Will Zecco

Fashion by Robert Black

Honey Moon Sweets

Bedazzle My Bonbons,
Honey Moon Sweets

Cake Stands:
Fabulous Wedding Cake Stands

Wildflower Linen

Serendipity Videography

Danaylyn at The Agency Arizona

From the decadent spread of sweet delights to the model’s porcelain skin, we have fallen love with the French connection. And what a connection our vendors made when setting up our shoot.

Like every bride, our cover is more than just a pretty face, involving so much more than surrounding a beautiful model with delicious treats. With Marie Antoinette as our muse, our team met at the ever-refined Wrigley Mansion to bring our vision to life. Photographer Hollye Schumacher went over the top on the shoot, and even brought in a fog machine to enhance these luxe details.

“Your inspiration is a jumping off point,” observed event planner Victoria Canada of Victoria Canada Weddings & Events, who was instrumental in designing not only our cover shoot but also our fashion and style central features. Every vendor came aboard with details that created an over-the-top experience.

“The Wrigley Mansion was an ideal venue for the shoot,” she says, “It offers so many interesting textural details, not only in the living room, but in the grounds as well.” We’re especially fond of the sweeping stone staircase that leads from the back of the manse to the event lawn below.

Hollye Schumacher is known throughout Arizona for her eye for detail. Case in point: to prep for the shoot, she did more than just pack her camera. Spending time gathering inspiration from different sources, she created an inspiration board before she ever set foot in the Wrigley Mansion. These shots aren’t ‘accidentally beautiful’--she is a true artist. Check out her blog at .... great fun!

Another of our favorite artists is Corinna Cooke. How does she do it? “I wanted a very luminous, etheral quality to our model’s complexion,” she says, “To get this, I used the amazing Ellis Faas Skin Veil foundation and matching concealer. I then added a variety of cream blushes to roll the light over her cheeks.” She achieved a neutral eye with and Ellis Faas cream eyeshadow pen and then created a fabulous fan of lashes with the amazing Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara. The look was finished off with deep berry Ellis Faas lip color.

Hair Stylist extraordinaire Will Zecco is responsible for the spectacular updo that brings our model’s look together. “My inspiration was to take the feel of the Marie Antoinette period and create something a bit more contemporary with a little bit of a dramatic edge.”

The model’s gorgeous updo, was, as Will says, “larger than life yet something a bride could relate to and possibly use as the inspiration for their own wedding.” Balance is key: “It was important for the hair style to compliment the style of the dress without becoming the focal point of the image.” Accessories and feathers completed the look.

Makeup Artist Corinna notes that having a talented model has its advantages. “Our beautiful model was great fun to work with. She possessed the fantastic ability to throw her head back laughing at all the craziness going on behind the scenes, and then with barely a blink, give the camera an endless series of fabulous looks.”

How much do you love this cake with its corset layer? Did you notice that the second-from-bottom layer is actually a set of circles with flowers blooming out from between? William and Kate had a similar design element in their cake, and we think they copied the genius work of Honey Moon Sweets, albeit on a slightly different scale.

“Let them eat cake” indeed--we couldn’t get enough of the regal cake, set alongside sparkly-sweet bonbons and delicious treats so beautifully displayed on this table dressed to perfection.

While the sweets are a focal point, we’d be remiss to leave out the sumptuous florals crafted by Petal Pusher. The model’s bouquet of roses is wrapped in taupe velvet and encircled in opulent jewels. So brilliant!

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