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This issue’s cover was the result of creative brainstorming by event coordinator Victoria Canada of Victoria Canada Weddings & Events and our publisher, Fran Samuel. Recalls Victoria, “Fran is always someone who I can sketch something and text it to her and she just gets it. She really appreciates and nurtures the creative process.” Victoria had previously used these over-the-top flowers and thought they would translate well to our cover. “The floral was always planned to be oversized. I like to play with scale and this was a perfect opportunity,” she says.

With an inspiration board in hand, the stylist sent out the concepts to the photo shoot team, which included photographer Jennifer Bowen, Sabrina Castillo-Miller of Babydoll Weddings and Amanda Johnson with Butterfly Petals. “I scouted out the location at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge,” says Victoria. “We chose a wall with great light and a slight texture at the front of the property.” Victoria continues,” This was a great example of ‘trust your photographer.’ Jennifer knew the light was going to be great.”

JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

Jennifer Bowen, Jennifer Bowen Photography

Victoria Canada, Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Floral Design:
Butterfly Petals


Makeup Artist and Hair Styling:
Sabrina Miller-Castillo, owner, Babydoll Weddings , assisted by Amanda Kolasinski, Babydoll Weddings

Jessica of The Agency Arizona

“When Victoria told me they had giant paper flowers and were looking for a way to make them into a backdrop/statement piece I took to Pinterest,” says Amanda Johnson of Butterfly Petals. “Normally I use it as a tool for inspiration and then kind of do my own thing but I did have a pin I'd pinned a very long time ago featuring free-standing giant flowers on stems.” She gives her husband, Nate, credit for constructing the stems that anchored each massive bloom. “I’m IN LOVE with them,” says Victoria,“We could move them in, out, to the side. It allowed us great flexibility.”

The spectacular bouquet featured on our cover is an assemblage of petals designed to look like one large bloom. “I decided on a composite bouquet,” explains Amanda. “For a composite we remove all the petals from flowers and then glue them in place to form a giant flower. For this bouquet I used 100 parrot tulips deconstructed and then reassembled to make one giant ruffly flower with soft peonies in the center. I think it suits the whimsy of the shoot but didn't compete with the paper flowers.”

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