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Bridal Beauty

When you say "I do", and the Honeymoon too!

Insider Secrets Courtesy of Phoenix Beauty Professionals

Sabrina Miller-Castillo of Babydoll Weddings on Bridal Hairstyles:

Photography courtesy of: Elvis Castillo Photography

“When consulting with a bride during her hair trial, there are three initial questions we ask to get a feel for what the bride is wanting on her special wedding day. ‘Do you want to wear your hair down, half up, or all the way up.’ Once we get that answer, then the fun begins!

We love giving a bride options to have a second or third look for their fun day. You have the ceremony look, reception look, and fun ideas for your honeymoon hair.”


UP: When wearing your hair up, we stress the importance of swooping it or pinning something on your right side. When standing at the altar during the ceremony, your right side faces your guests, so you’ll want to make sure your accent or hair accessory is on your right side.”

Photography courtesy of: Simply D. Photography


DOWN: When a bride wants to wear her hair mostly down, it’s always best to play with textures of curls (spiral, loose, wavy). Having that base curl gives a bride so many options for a second look. We don’t like our brides to walk down the aisle plain; they are in the spotlight, so giving them fun ideas such as hair pieces, small braids or textures is the best. If you are planning to wear your hair down, for that second look, play with hair accessories and darken up your makeup.

Every Day Makeup Tips from Linda Wagner:

Photography courtesy of: Neil Mei

“It’s always such an honor to be a part of a bride’s journey down the aisle. And I have to say, it makes me smile when I hear, ‘I wish I could have you every day,’ or, ‘I wish I could just keep you in my pocket, so I look like this all the time!’

Staying authentic to the woman in my chair is my #1 rule on wedding day. Like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz, when Glinda told her she had the power all along.”


Keep it simple. If you don’t wear foundation and you don’t need foundation, then don’t wear foundation. Brighten and highlight with illuminators, brighteners, or CC cream.


Brows. Grooming is very important! Your brows frame your eyes. Keep them groomed and enhance them just enough. There are so many cool products out there! I love the Anastasia brow pencils and pomades for shaping and grooming. Use a cream, highlight pencil under the brow and arch to lift. NYX Wonder Pencil is the bomb!!


Line and Define! Best gel ever . . . Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. Absolute perfection and they don’t move! Caviar gel ink is my fave! Tight line your upper lash line by lifting your eye slightly and laying product on the root of the lashes. It’s simple and it will make such an impact on your eyes.


Curl your lashes! Yep, no matter what. Do it. Immediately see a difference. Add mascara. There are a million of them. I say, whichever works for you is ‘the one.’


Cheeks and Contour. Pinterest and YouTube are full of contouring tutorials. It’s nothing new. It makes a difference, but it’s not for everyone. You don’t need a super dark color to contour. Just 2-3 shades deeper than your skin color is great, creme or powder, and make sure you blend!! Cheekline, jawline, nose. Shade, and then brighten.


Blend. That little “pink egg” you see on my table is magic! (It’s a Beauty Blender) Slightly damp . . . It will marry everything to your skin for a seamless look.”

Corinna Cooke on an Easy Honeymoon Beauty Routine

Photography courtesy of: Savidge Photography

“I’m always getting on a plane to somewhere! Whether it’s a shoot across the country or across the world, I always follow these four beauty travel tips. They work perfectly for your honeymoon too!”


Travel Bags. I like my beauty products to go in my cabin baggage, so they arrive at the same destination as I do, when I do! I use see-through cosmetic travel bags from Stephanie Johnson. They are beautiful and chic, are easy to take through airport security and are sturdy enough to protect all my beauty products. I also take them to the beach – one with sunscreens and a separate one for any post-beach hair and makeup goodies. I don’t want sandy bottles of tanning products mixed in with my hair and lip products, and I like being able to see what’s in each bag. Remember all your liquid products have to be 3 fluid ounces or less to go in your carry on baggage.


The Skin Care Equation. Think about the climate you are traveling to before you pack. If you live somewhere dry, like Phoenix, and are going somewhere humid, such as a beach honeymoon, you will need to change to lighter skin care products. I travel with Verso skin care products (thoughtfully sized at 3 fluid ounces or less). I add a broad spectrum sunblock with the highest SPF I can find (a sunburned face isn’t exactly honeymoon glam), an eye-makeup remover to dissolve waterproof mascara, and a soothing face mask like luxurious Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask to keep skin looking lovely.


The Makeup Story. The key to travel makeup is to keep it simple. You don’t want to spend your honeymoon in front of a makeup mirror and you don’t want to weigh your bags down with more cosmetics than necessary. Opt for a fresh-faced look with a BB Cream instead of a heavy foundation, pack a little something for your brows, a bronzer to keep you looking beachy, and a soft blush to add a little color. Take one color story for your eyes. I like a soft goldy/bronzy look as it goes with everything, always looks gorgeous and you can dress it up or down. Waterproof mascara and a great eyeliner in espresso brown or a deep plummy-grape complete the perfect travel eye makeup story. Lastly pack two lip options: a soft, kissable glossy lip in a gentle tone and one bold color for a va-va-voom lip to knock ‘em dead on a dressy night out.


The Hair Story. A climate change can make for a really bad hair day, so you want to have some rescue options with you. A little hair decadence feels divine, so I travel with Oribe products. I pack the Oribe single-use travel shampoo and conditioner packs because they are fabulous, smell divine and take up absolutely no space at all. Oribe’s travel-sized Anti Humidity Spray tames any flyaways or crazy humidity hair, Dry Texturizing Spray is fantastic if you need a little post-hat-hair lift, and Apres Beach Spray gives you great beachy-looking waves when you don’t actually have any. I also love the Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil both to make hair glossy and shiny, and also to protect color and keep the ends from getting destroyed by sun, surf and wind.

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