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Our Top Ten Tips for A Top Notch Wedding

Photographer: Hagerty Photography


Consider an “Unplugged Ceremony”.

where guests stow their devices and are just present as you commit your lives to one another. Aside from allowing you to feel the love, your photographer will be able to get images that aren’t cluttered with guest’s cameras and phones.

Photographer: Hagerty Photography


Enjoy the Engagement!

Natalie Hall at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge reminds couples to enjoy the engagement! “Slow down . . . your special someone just asked for your hand in marriage, and you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together. Take the time as fiancĂ©es to enjoy!”


Compromise: Give and take is essential in a healthy relationship. Digging in your heels on one wedding element or another is not a great way to begin your married life. Take the time to understand your loved one’s viewpoints and seek ways to make both of you happy.


From the “why didn’t we think of that” file comes this bridal hair styling advice from Sabrina Miller-Castillo of Babydoll Weddings: “When standing at the altar during the ceremony, your right side faces your guests, so you’ll want make sure your accent or hair accessory is on your right side.”

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Plan something for your young guests.

A wedding is an understandably adult affair but if the kids aren’t happy, the adults won’t be able to enjoy themselves. Special entertainment, simple crafts, and child-friendly meals will go a long way toward ensuring the kids let the parents out on the dance floor.


“Consciously enjoy your wedding,” says event planner Victoria Canada. This is a great way to relieve stress. Spin on the dance floor! Eat! Smile!


Don’t fence them in.

Amanda Johnson of Butterfly Petals offers this bit of advice that applies to many wedding vendors. “Give your florist a little bit of freedom. Giving your florist a guideline for the overall look and feel you're going for and then letting them run wild means they can use your budget to select the best in-season blooms that fit your colors but also your personality and overall event decor.”

Photographer: Hagerty Photography


Celebrate your heritage.

Many cultures have wonderful traditions when it comes to weddings. Show off your background. A little research could yield some great traditions worth sharing. Some couples even provide explanations in their programs so guests can follow along.


Don’t “DIY” yourself into a corner. While there are many fun things you can make for your special day, limit yourself to a few key projects. Likewise, think very carefully before having friends or family take over major duties such as catering or floral design unless they are professionals in these labor-intensive fields.

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Keep your eye on the prize,

advises event planner Cara Morrison of A Day to Cherish. “So many couples get caught in the minutia and forget, at the end of the day you will be MARRIED and that is what matters.”

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