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Photographer: Hagerty Photography


The Crush on Blush

Pink is everywhere—in flowers, decor, dessert buffets, champagne, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding gowns. Get it while it’s hot, because it adds a lovely rosy glow to the day.

Photographer: Fully Alive Photography


Photography Gone Wild

“Amazing new materials for album covers are emerging. Splash covers—a leather cover featuring a “splash” or line to add a pop of bright color. Even more exciting is the trend of wood covers, metal covers, and linen wraps.” —Tracy Battaglia, Fully Alive Photography

Photographer: Fully Alive Photography


Playing the Game

“Cornhole, bocce ball, giant jenga, you name it —having fun, interactive entertainment is becoming a staple at even some of the most formal events.” —Cara Morrison, A Day to Cherish

Photographer: Hagerty Photography


Gowns That Go Big

Bridal gowns have expanded to provide more coverage—higher necklines and fuller skirts, and sleeves and straps where there once were none. We’re still seeing plenty of strapless sweetheart necklines, but even on those, lavish, layered skirts prevail.


Giving Carte Blanche

As lives get busier, couples are handing more control to their event planners and vendors, choosing not to micromanage every detail or make all the decisions. “Surprise me,” said one Arizona bride to her florist, and she loved her resulting bouquets. “We are seeing more brides giving us complete artistic license.” —Jim Bullock, Events by Show Stoppers

Photographer: Fully Alive Photography


Your Own Ride

Couples are leaving their weddings in all manner of transportation, including golf carts customized with their wedding colors, bedazzled carriages, vintage automobiles, pedicabs and even donkey carts.

Photographer: Eyes 2 See


A Blooming Mix

While monochromatic ball bouquets of roses or lilies still come down the aisle, floral arrangements are carrying a vibrant and varied mix of flowers and greenery, and often are dotted with succulents.

Photographer: Ben & Kelly Photography


Sparks That Fly

“We are seeing couples have fireworks, say, after the cake cutting. They have everyone’s attention, it’s easy for a DJ to move everyone out to the viewing area, and it allows the staff to cut the cake and have it ready when everyone returns. Plus, the group is now pumped up to get into some dancing.” —Kendon Victor, Fireworks Productions of Arizona


Invitations to Instagram

When ordering their invitation suites, many couples include a card encouraging guests to post on Instagram with their wedding hashtag, so on the day after the wedding, everyone can go to one spot and see a collection of candids. “Rose gold and copper foil and letterpress are big trends in invitation suites,” says Rene Showalter from Celebrations in Paper

Photographer: Eyes 2 See


Getting Intimate

Many couples are seeking ways to bring guests together, with sofa seating set-ups, courtyard cocktails, no “bride or groom” sides at the ceremony, and other opportunities for friends to make new friends. Also, personal touches such as acknowledgements from the altar and notes tucked into place settings remind family and friends of their importance to the couple.

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