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Photography courtesy of: Ben & Kelly Photography, Location: JW Marriott Desert Ridge

Do couples practice their first kiss? What if they disagree about how to proceed?

Well guys, here's how to take control of the situation so there's no kissing miscommunication at the altar:

Practice! Yes, we're telling you to practice kissing and without a doubt, you're now a lifelong Phoenix Bride & Groom fan. But seriously, if you don't practice because you're thinking "Oh, we kiss all the time! What's the big deal?," the pressure of the moment could really get to you and the grand moment could be a little awkward. Besides, we're telling you to practice kissing. Why question it?

Be on the same page. Do you want to hug first then kiss? Do you want to step into it, dip, then kiss? Does one of you want to put his/her hands on the other's face? What about a mid-air fist pump (we've seen it and when done well, it's super fun)? And probably most important of all: how long should the kiss be? You don't want to go in for a long romantic kiss if your partner is preparing for a kind-of-quick smooch. Ultimately, this is about PDA (public displays of affection) and you'll want to be in sync.

Consider your surroundings. Are you on a small riser or raised platform? Then plan for a kiss that doesn't involve grand gestures (imagine falling off while kissing? Ouch.). If you're in a tight space like a chuppah with many people surrounding you, plan for a kiss that fits in the space. If you have a large area, you can go all out- a dip, a twirl, whatever! And it should go without saying but if you're in a church or other religious building, save the really long kissing for later.

Make room. If you want the kiss to only have you and your beloved in the picture, ask your officiant, pastor, rabbi, etc. to give you some space during the kiss prior to your wedding day. Discussing this at the wedding rehearsal is absolutely OK.

One last tidbit: if you want to go in for a second kiss, do it while walking down the aisle or when you reach the end of the aisle. These moments, when captured by a professional photographer, often end up being some of the best pictures from the ceremony!

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